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I am ready to help!

Do you not have transport, have you bought a piece of furniture that you need to get home, or you saw something you like on Marktplaats?

You can rent a van, but actually you only need it for an hour and you could use a pair of extra hands. Then Richard + Bus (van) is your solution.

When you rent a van, you mostly do so for a day. The logistics of fetching and returning the van, the high insurance and deposit, is all an extra hassle you don’t need.

In most cases it is handier and cheaper to rent Richard and his van.

Richard can drive you, help carry the load and even help dismantle or assemble the new piece of furniture. He also has a tool kit and drill with him for the odd jobs.

I work flexible hours and do not mind evenings and weekends. Not everyone is able to take time off, for a move or the handy man.

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