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Handy to know:

In my van I have couple of trolleys, moving covers and tool kit for dismantling and assembling.

The available loading space of the van is

  • Length: 260 centimetres
  • Breadth: 160 centimetres
  • Height: 180 centimetres

7 Handy moving tips:

  • It would be handy for you to measure whether furniture will fit into the space beforehand, as well as through doors.
  • If the item needs to go through a staircase, please check if the staircase is big enough.
  • It is best to transport fridges after they have stood still for 24 hours. This allows fridges to defrost and cooling liquid to settle. When possible allow fridge to stand an additional 24 hours before plugging it in.
  • All fragile and breakable items should be packed in advance.
  • Washing machines are best disconnected in advance of the move, to allow excess water to drain, thus preventing any water damage to your home. It also helps to tape the hoses to the machine, facing the hose upwards.
  • Try to make cupboards as light as possible, by removing planks and doors.
  • It is best to dismantle big beds and cupboards completely before transport.
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